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A fourth candidate release ("RC4") of WSJT-X 2.0 is now available for download and use by beta testers.

Changes in RC4 relative to RC3 include the following:

- Fix the "cannot open file fort.81" bug

- Avoid too many redirect loops related to openSSL support

- Fix the auto-generated messages for nonstandard callsigns

- Remove all support for the legacy FT8 protocol

- Disallow selecting MSK144 with RTTY or Field Day messages active

- Correct and expand support for color highlighting decoded messages

- ESC key aborts a QSO, clears DX Call, and selects Tx6

- Disable "nextCall" procedure for RTTY contest; it still needs work

- Correct a flaw in handling MSK144 Sh messages

- Prevent Fox from inadvertently toggling Tx 1st/Even

- Re-organize the Fox/Hound/Contest selection boxes

- Improve the validators for contest exchange boxes

- Disable Tx after 5 minutes of no mouse movement

- Remove end-of-line AP info when using contest messages

- Fix the Sent and Rcvd exchanges sent to N1MM+ and ADIF log

- Don't auto-log a QSO with incomplete exchange info

- Fix two sequencing flaws after double-clicks on a decoded msg

- New facilities for Contest and Fox-mode logging.

The "Quick-Start Guide to WSJT-X 2.0" has been revised and extended. If Be sure to read this entire guide before using RC4:…/k…/Quick_Start_WSJT-X_2.0.pdf


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Article about FT8DMC

in CQ ham radio magazine for our Japanese

hams. Written by  JA3AER, FT8DMC#05807

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FT8DMC supports VK0AI

Norbert, VK0AI has been very active on 30m using FT8. So far, Norbert is confirming via LoTW and eQSL only, both confirmations coming in very qick. VK0M certainly is an extremely rare entity and everyone would appreciate to have a printed card for the collection.

Therefore we had the idea of sponsoring paper cards for Norbert. In cooperation with UX5UO, the first 2000 cards will soon be delivered to Australia.

In an email Norbert mentioned that „all FT8 contacts have been made at 5W TX power using the HF whip antenna at the station in the com centre.“


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