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During the opening ceremony of the 44th HAM RADIO, Joe Taylor (K1JT) our honorary member received the "Rudolf-Horkheimer-Preis" from the DARC. In addition to a certificate, he received € 2500 in prize money. And he can use it at his own discretion to promote amateur radio.


OM Joe is currently very popular with his developments in the WSJT software. This application was released in 2001 and mainly makes EME easier. Joe's software can also be used for reflections on meteorites (meteor scatter). Actually in general when there is very little signal budget. He continues to develop WSJT with a small team. The program has been open source since 2005. In mid-2017, the program was expanded with the FT8 mode. This caused a real hype in the radio amateur community.


The DARC honors K1JT for its many years of commitment.

K1JT received


prize at HAMRADIO

2019 in Friedrichshafen, Germany

Our honor to let you know that Radio Amateurs of Lebanon (RAL) is our new cooperation partner!  

Tips for FT8 DXers, by Gary Hinson, ZL2IFB/G4IFB: 



FT8DMC meets K1JT during Ham Radio Friedrichshafen 2019


On June 22, 2019, Members and Representatives of the FT8DMC had the Honour to meet Dr. Joe Taylor, K1JT.


Joe gave a very interesting presentation (titled ‘FT8 and beyond’) and explained the history, further steps and plans for FT8. He mentioned that some of the current developments on the bands (in particular the use of ‘robots’, unmanned stations and high power) are not in his interest. At the end of his presentation, he showed a slide titled ‘Have you worked a robot?’ followed by a list of (very familiar) Call Signs.


After Joe’s speech, we had the opportunity to surprise him with a small gift (Club T-shirt) and a framed certificate for his honorary-membership.

The only downside to this great event was that the organizer has chosen a much too small hall. Many had to stand or to sit on the floor. Another prove that the interest and demand for FT8 does not stop.


We hope that we will be able to meet him soon again and that the presentation will be available for public download.


OE1SGU, Hannes



L.t.r.: F4ESV, K1JT, OE1SGU



Dear members and friends of the FT8DMC!


Last weeks Ham Radio 2019 in Friedrichshafen

is now history. We were able to listen to K1JT's

excellent presentation and to meet many of

our members. Club-flyers were distributed

and deposited at various booths.

Many new member-requests came in this week.


Proof that the Club is growing fast.

Our award programme has been further

expanded. In April 2018 we counted 3900

members, now, just 14 months later, we are well

over 10000, so we more than doubled that number!


But probably the most impressive growth is our number of issued awards. In April 2018 a bit over 10000 awards were issued. As of June 27, 2019 the total number of issued awards is 177000 – 17 times more!


Before February 2018 all 748 awards and 1755 membership certificates were created manually by Jo, OE4VIE. Now are glad to have DK5UR's excellent UAAC and that we can count on a team of proven award managers who are doing their best do work through awards applications as quick as possible.


There is a lot of unseen work and coordination involved, with the exception of our sleeping hours we are more or less permanently online, have our regular exchange of ideas and experiences and keep an eye on the Facebook group and the incoming award requests, keep the website updated etc.


And yes, we still really love what we are doing! According to some fake news we went QRT (or they want us to be QRT), but you know that we are alive and full of ideas.

For most of us the club has become a part of life, just like going to work, playing radio or feeding the pets.


The implementation of some of our ideas for the future requires effort, enthusiasm, spare time and – unfortunately - of course money. For example: Taking part in Amateur Radio events and renting a small booth requires the ability to pay the rent (FT8DMC at Ham Radio 2020-what do you think?). The same applies for information material like the flyers we are distributing, the production of merchandise material etc.

A Clubstation with a special callsign would be nice too...


In order to keep the Club and awards going and growing we really need your help! As you know: All our work is done by volunteers and we do not ask for any regular fees. Costs for maintaining our website, security certificate, monthly server costs, aging hardware und software updates and so on requires our regular private financial share.


May we therefore ask you to consider supporting us financially and join the list of supporters (https://www.ft8dmc.eu/donations)? We are very grateful for every amount you are able to give.


Every supporter will be getting a special certificate of appreciation!

Thank you very much!


OE4VIE, Jo #00001, FT8DMC President

OE1SGU, Hannes #00002, FT8DMC Vice-President

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