The FT8DMC was founded 12.July 2017 by Jo Engelbrecht, OE6VIE and Hannes Grünsteidl, OE1SGU (OE3SGU), after recognising the fast growth and the need for a Club for FT8. Our aim is to provide a worldwide meeting point and platform for users of FT8 and similar modes, especially for newcomers and less-experienced amateur radio operators and SWLs.
Within only 2 days, we already had more than 100 members and the new Award programme has been launched shortly after. Now we count more than 20.000 Members from more than 100 countries.
Everyone with an open mind and interest for FT8 is welcome to join our club. For us FT8 is a valuable addition to the other established Modes in Amateur Radio. We also see FT8 as a chance for those challenged to cope with various difficulties modern society brings. Many of our members are all-rounders and FT8 is a new challenge for them.
All FT8DMC members are eligible to participate in various Club’s activities and award programmes.
At the moment more than 200 different Awards are available and so far more than 1.5 Million Awards have been issued. All our team-members (Representatives and Award Managers) are volunteers. We do not have any financial interest.
Best wishes,
Jo Engelbrecht, OE6VIE, President
Hannes Grünsteidl, OE1SGU, Vice President