5-Band WAS Award


5-Band WAS Award Manager OE1SGU In recognition of international two-way FT8 amateur radio communication, the FT8 Digital Mode Club (FT8DMC) issues 5 Band Worked-All-States certificates to amateur radio stations of the world. Qualification for the FT8 5 Band WAS award is based on an examination by the FT8 5 Band WAS Award Manager, from QSOs that the applicant has made with amateur stations in each of the 50 US States on each band: 10,15,20,40 and 80m. All contacts must be made from the same country. QSOs IN YOUR LOGBOOK MUST CONTAIN 6-DIGGIT LOCATORS, EXAMPLE: FN41XY

ENDORSEMENTS FOR 6, 12, 17, 30, 60, 160M